Completed Industrial Projects

1 Construction of the Adana Wastewater Project (Turn-key Construction, Bringing online and Operation o
2 Al Jubail Desalination Plant – Saudi Arabia
3 Concrete Repair Works (Additional Structures) in Al-Khobar Power & Desalination Plant / Saudia Arabi
4 Al-Jubail-Riyadh C Line Storage and Pumping Station Reservoirs / Saudi Arabia
5 Almaty International Logistics Park / Almaty-Kazakhstan
6 Ankara Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant
7 Ankara Central Wastewater Treatment Plant
8 Supply and Establishment of Sea Water Pumping Stations (201 C01)
9 Djizak Battery Factory Renovation Project / Djizak - Uzbekistan
10 Eastern Province Water Transmision System - Phase 2 / Saudi Arabia
11 Water Transmission from Hilli, Yobba and Al Lith Dams to Al-Shoaiba Plant (Phase2)
12 Horezm Sugar Factory / Uzbekistan
13 Istanbul Anatolian Region Steel Natural Gas Distribution Line
14 Ivedik Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Improvement of Unit 1 & Unit 2 and Construction of Unit 3
15 King Faisal University Infrastructure Projects
16 Medina-Yanbu Power Plant and Desalination Plant, Phase 2, Section 1 – Saudi Arabia
17 Melen Regulator, Melen and Cumhuriyet Pumping Systems
18 Mersin Drinking Water Treatment Plant
19 Reinforced Concrete Repair and Prevention of Water Leaks in Riyadh’s Emergency Water Depots (R1-C3 &
20 Construction of Stormwater networks in Al Naseem East, Al Naseem West and Maizaliah Districts in Riyadh